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Youtube Music & Video Downloader

Youtube Downloader if you want to download YouTube videos to your PC.

The downloader is extremely simple to use. It integrates with your web browser, so you just have to display the video page in your browser and click the Youtube Downloader icon.

Youtube Downloader uses an advanced acceleration technique to boost the download speed with up to 500% compared to other downloaders.

You can download several videos at the same time, and you can store them in their original format or optionally convert them to e.g. iPod, PSP or PS3 formats.

And yes, it’s true: Youtube Downloader is 100% free.

Download YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader

What is YouTube Downloader?

YouTube Downloader is software that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others and convert them to other video formats.The program is easy to use, just specify the URL for the video you want to download and click the Ok button!It also allows you to convert downloaded videos for Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3.You can use YouTube Downloader to download the videos of your choice from home, at the office or in school.Download YouTube Downloader now and get started downloading your favorite videos from YouTube